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My name is Lydia Berggruen, and I believe the small details are what brings theatre to life.

Performing in shows throughout my adolescence, I didn't discover my passion for what goes on behind the scenes until taking a Technical Theatre Fundamentals course my sophomore year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Although I was initially intimidated by working in the scene shop, I quickly discovered the value in stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing the vibrant, experimental nature of creating scenery and props. After that class, I returned to the scene shop every semester as a scenic carpenter and props assistant. I propped my first show the summer of 2016 and continued on to prop shows at UW-Madison during every season until May 2022, additionally contributing freelance work to the UW-Madison University Opera and the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. I am now working as the Props Supervisor at Theatre By The Sea in Wakefield, RI, and am eager to continue finding my place as a prop artist within the east coast theatre community.

Outside of work, you can find me producing music, cooking, doing yoga, traveling, and spending time with my family. 

Thanks for stopping by!

- Lydia

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"Whenever we’re driven to reach out and create something from nothing…we’re contributing something of ourselves to the world. We’re taking our experience and filtering it through our words or our hands, or our voices or our bodies, and we’re putting something in the culture that didn’t exist before. Putting something in the world that didn’t exist before is the broadest definition of making, which means all of us can be makers. Creators. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. It is that simple." - Adam Savage


Download the PDF version by clicking "CV (PDF)" underneath the About Me tab!

About Me: Bio
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